Optimizepress Review

I was thoroughly impressed with Optimizepress, so much so that I decided to write an Optimizepress Review. This theme is a fantastic theme made by James Dyson and Optimizepress. They are trusted by many professional marketers, along with everyday individuals.

Some Information about Optimizepress.

Optimizepress is a WordPress theme. It is easy and quick to install. This theme is not for a WordPress blog but is made for a WordPress site. It must be installed on a WordPress site that has been upgraded to 3.0.

This multi-level theme is a fantastic way to build your Ecommerce website. Optimizepress is equipped with many exciting and powerful tools to increase your sales for a product or service. I have experience this first hand with my own Ecommerce site.

What is included?

There are many functions that you would not normally get with other themes available. Optimizepress offers powerful features like; 10 designs for squeeze pages or landing pages. These pages have been tested and are proved to increase sales and a higher quantity of subscribers.

The user is able to use Optimizepress to build amazing membership sites. Building and maintaining the membership pages are quite easy and quick to do. Everything that you need to build professional memberships pages is already included in the Optimizepress theme.

One priceless item that was included in this remarkable theme are training and tutorial videos. I am not an avid user of WordPress, so this came in handy for me. I utilized all the help that is given and was able to build a flawless site. Optimizepress gave me all the tools to build a professional looking site for my services.

Along with so many other exciting goodies, the technical support is something to be appreciated. I tried another theme for WordPress and had an issue while using it. This issue caused me to uninstall and request my money back. I did run into a small roadblock due to my lack of knowledge, but with a few hours, my question was answered and I was back on track. The support team for Optimizepress is fantastic and is said to respond 24 – 48 hours, however; I did not even have to wait that long.

There are many high rollers that have chosen to use Optimizepress and show a outstanding success. You can be successful as well with this theme. You are able to use the features for marketing. There is plug-ins already available to connect with Facebook. The user can even share their pages on other social media sites extremely easily.

Is this theme right for me?

If you are questioning if Optimizepress is for you or not, let me answer you. Of course, Optimizepress is right for you. This is why I chose to write this Optimizepress Review. Marketers on any professional level can utilize this WordPress theme. If, like me, you have a service or product to sell then this is a highly suggested theme to use.

Individuals that have a start up business or are already established in their local community can span out to a wider range of potential consumers.  Optimizepress will help you build an Ecommerce site easily and start selling your services and products worldwide.

How much will this cost me?

If you think about how much money you can make with a professional Ecommerce website, the price is minute. Optimizepress is only $97. This is one of the lowest priced themes of this caliber. Others that do not even have half of the features cost around $200.

If, by chance, you do not want to use this theme after all, you are guaranteed to receive a total refund with no fuss. The fact that they are willing to give a prompt and “no questions” asked refund shows that they stand by their theme. It also shows that everyone that uses this theme is satisfied. (The author of the previously mentioned theme was not so nice with the refund. There was no money back guarantee.)

How will Optimizepress benefit you?

Within this Optimizepress Review, you can automatically see that there are immense benefits. In order to build a site that is professional and functional as an Ecommerce site, you will end up purchasing plug-ins and other items to run your site. In the long run, you will spend more for a lot less doing it this way.

The features in this theme include:

  • 10 Tested squeeze pages and landing pages
  • Feature to build sales letters and bonus pages.
  • Create Product Launches
  • Training and Tutorials available.
  • Build Membership pages.
  • Video capabilities.
  • Customized Sales Copy
  • Timed/One-Off Launches
  • Social Media Sharing is built in.
  • Integrated SEO Features
  • And so much more…

There are so many incredible features that I cannot even list them all. Optimizepress can seriously turn a small business into a big one and help a newcomer flourish. I loved using the features that are included, and I am still discovering even more.

Is it really that perfect?

When using this theme, you will need to know how to navigate through WordPress. This can be a problem if you are not familiar with the dashboard. Optimizepress must have a host. You are able to integrate it with AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant AContact, ShoppingCart, and Infusionsoft. This is not something you can use on its own.

Would I recommend this theme?

Over all, I recommend this theme to any user that has a business or wants to build one. With the capabilities of this theme, I was able to turn my one page service promoter into a full blown money making site. I used to get only a few sales a week and my sales have quadrupled within a month of using it.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, I suggest becoming familiar. It is certainly worth the time spent learning WordPress to use this theme. Ultimately, you will be pleased with the usability and value of this theme. I know I was.

You can get more details of Optimizepress Here

Use Profits Theme to Quickly Earn Money

Profit Themes was created by Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari. They are founders of “Get Profits Fast”, which is a subsidiary of XooGuu LLC. It is a prominent theme that is for building money making sites on the internet. I built a complete profit site within minutes and was able to save time and money. Here is a Profits Theme review to help understand it better.

My mind was at ease do to the credibility of the authors of Profits Theme. Since they are known for Get Profits Fast, which is a subsidiary of XooGuu LLC, you know that they can be trusted with your site. They have been in business since 2006. It brings comfort that their faces are out there, along with their work. Users of their products are happy, and I was as well.

 Can you explain some about Profits Theme? 

Profits Theme is a theme that takes designing and launching a profit site to a higher, yet easier level. Users can build membership sites and maintain them very easily. Outsourcing is no longer a problem due to the usability of this product.

If you are familiar with WordPress, then you will be able to use this theme with no trouble. I had no problem with this theme by Profits Theme. You are able to use the menus and widgets that are already available to get your site up and running.

Building websites for profit can be incredibly time consuming and drain you of money. You are able to build multiple sites with this product and maintain them just as easy.

What comes with Profits Theme?

When purchasing the Profits Theme, you get incredible communication and a customer service team to help. Along with free updates as they are available.

When building a site, problems can arise. While using Profits Theme, you have dedicated support by a team that will handle problems that you may have. They will handle technical and non-technical issues. Their communication skills with their customers are professional and prompt. You will not have to wait long for a question to be answered.

You do not need to buy any additional software or plug-ins to keep unauthorized people from sections of your site. It is built into Profits Theme that you have full control over who sees certain pages. Nor do you have to purchase any additional software or plug-ins to create a multi-level membership sites.

Who should use Profits Theme?

Profits Theme is made and maintained for anyone who is interested in building money making site or a membership site. Marketers that have used this site stand by their decision to purchase Profits Theme. Those who have read a Profits Theme Review and purchased the software will fully testify that they made a smart choice.

Marketers are not only the ones that can gain by using Profits Theme. Individuals that want to dive into the “Money Making World” on the internet can do it with this program. Those who are not proficient with WordPress or HTML can use this theme. Although, it is recommended that you know a small amount about WordPress.

How much will this cost you?

The price of Profits Theme is very reasonable. If you think about the money that you will make and the money that you save by no outsourcing, it pays for itself. The regular price of Profits Theme is $197; however, right now it is $97. This is a onetime fee for Profits Theme. So, not only was I able to save money on the previously mentioned effects, I saved money right away. One hundred dollars is a big save!

What are the benefits of Profits Theme?

Well, the benefits have been written throughout this Profits Theme Review, but let me sum them up and add a few more to the list. So far we have covered that it; is easy to use, works with WordPress, you have a constant team of supporters, the price is low, and it is offered by authors that have been established since 2006. Let us get into Profits Theme itself.


Previously mentioned, you do not need to know HTML coding. The theme offers a drag-n-drop interface. It will help you get a feel of what the page looks like before you publish it. Along with the designing aspect, there are Skins that come with Profits Theme. With those skins, you can change the color and create the feel you would like to have.

Membership Pages…

You can do this with member pages as well. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you can create a distinctive feel for the member. When the member logs into their page, not only will they see your instant changes, they will see their name on their page. It is personalized per member. Profits Theme gives it a genuine, professional, and secure feel.

Widgets and Updates…

Other themes expect you to purchase more widgets for your security purposes. When building a member site, there are pages that only members or you will need to access. The public needs to stay out of these pages. Profits Theme has the security widget built in and is automatic.

To touch base on the updates, any update that becomes available is automatically free. The fee includes all fixes for any bugs that may be in the theme. (Not that there are any. I experienced none.) If you should run into a problem, the support team will help you solve it.

Be honest, what are the down falls?

Ok, of course there is something that will cause a second thought. There are not many. Matter of fact there is only one that comes to my mind with Profits Theme.


You will need to know some about WordPress. If you are not at least familiar with how WordPress works, then Profits Theme will seem like another language. Any user will need to know how to navigate through the dashboard. Simple, yet needed. You can get around this by practicing on a “false” site, then purchasing Profits Theme.

Summed Up for You

In all actuality, I recommend this site for all marketers and any person who wants to create a money making site. Regular blogs do not cut it. Loose change is good for a soda, not good for an electric bill. Select Profits Theme if you are ready to get it done and start earning.

If you are ready,
just visit Profits Theme Site and Watch Demo Video Now

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